{UK}FreeRunners UT99 server

Overview  {UK}FreeRunners UT99 server 

Basic Description:Yes, it's an Unreal Tournament 99 server in 2021.22 YEARS OLD AND STILL LOVIN IT!!!The style is basically freestyle.  Meaning to play any way you like.  It's a low gravity fast moving server with powerful weapons. Most of the maps are Death Match (Nearly 900 of them), available within the MapVote. Below are brief descriptions of just about everything.

Game Types:
There are 4 Mods that we play.  2 team Mods, and 3 Deathmatch.Death Match: The basic kind of game,With alot of powerfull weapons.  30 frags wins.Sniper Death Match: The basic kind of game,With powerfull {UK}Tiger SniperRifle. 40 frags wins.2 frags for a headshot!Funnel: Small maps only. DeathMatch game, With alot of powerfull weapons. 50 frags wins.TeamDeathMatch: 2 teams with powerfull weapons.Capture The Flag :2 teams with powerfull weapons.Weapons:  in DeathMatch, funnels & Team Games

UK Stealth Translocator: Just like the standard trans but has no sound or lighting, when shot and left though it has a mortal kombat logo the same colour as your team this one red.you spawn with this.

How to install the hook: There is 2 ways to install the hook, 1st way is to install unreal tournament G.O.T.Y edition it comes as 2 cd's,2nd way is to install the Chaosut_gotye_full_umod. Once one of these are installed once U.T is running press esc and choose mod, under mod settins make sure the box use grapple hook: is checked and under control select which key to bind it too!